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I received this via email over the weekend, this funding helps preserve land for multiple outdoor recreational opportunities:

Keep Protecting New York's Environment
We love New York. That's why the Environmental Protection Fund must be fully funded for our families today and for future generations tomorrow. And it's also why the state's environmental agencies must have the resources necessary to safeguard the health of our air, land and water, and to keep our parks open for everyone to enjoy.

Restore the Environmental Protection Fund
New York's Environmental Protection Fund helps ensure a healthier environment and healthier communities across the state by investing in everything from parks and zoos to wastewater infrastructure, pesticide research and open space and farmland preservation.

Restore New York's Environmental Agencies
The state's environmental agencies are charged with monitoring air and water pollution, cleaning up toxic oil and chemical spills, providing oversight for gas drilling, and much more.

But even though the Environmental Protection Fund is often the last line of defense when it comes to protecting what we love most about New York, it's been cut by more than a third in recent state budgets.

Keep Protecting New York
The We Love New York campaign is calling on state leaders and legislators to show how much they Love New York by restoring our Environmental Protection Fund and providing resources and staff at our state's environmental agencies.

More Info:

Take Action and Submit a comment to your government representatives:
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