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As posted elsewhere, COMBA is using the FC50 as a fundraising event.

This is a good opportunity to support both local (front range) efforts as well as IMBA's larger reach. As a reminder, we, COMBA, are building new "black diamond" trail down in Buffalo Creek, will be a partner with the City of Denver for Barnum Park this fall, and are still actively working for a second local park closer to the foothills. This, in addition to all of the behind-the-scenes advocacy work we're doing on your behalf with Jefferson County Open Space. To that end, we'll soon be publishing our position statement (i.e. proposed solution) to the current Apex management issue which is open before us (thank you, JCOS, for seeking public input). Likewise, we are responding to the newly redefined yielding language, some of which was already adopted from our ongoing talks with JCOS management.

In other words, progress is well underway. :) Though obviously much work remains to be done.

Anyway, the "Friends of COMBA" event at the Firecracker 50 is an easy way to support the work we're doing and hoping to do.

We're almost to $3,000, which is nice, but well short of our goal of $10,000. FYI, an IMBA affiliate from the Shenandoah Valley has raised over $13,000, which means that after the SRAM matching funds they will walk away with ±$20,000.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation on our behalf.

Thank you.
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