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This is also posted in the regional forums:

Here's an e-mail that Brent Thompson, trail master of Bootleg Canyon, sent out:


Well here we go again!!

Boulder City budget cuts will cut Bootleg Canyon funding. The City Council plans to cut the budget for Bootleg Canyon infrastructure and maintenance January 6th at 9:00am's budget meeting. I would appreciate a letter to the council recommending not to cut the budget and to support Bootleg Canyon

Thank you for the support

Brent Thomson
482 Aaron Way
Boulder City, NV. 89005
702 204 7810


So there it is, Bootleg's funds are getting cut. Show your support and send e-mails to all the council members. The link is in the message above. Tell them how important Bootleg is to all of you and the city!

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I have relatives in Boulder City and ride the trails from time to time. I'm sure they must need routine maintenance, especially the downhill runs. Be realistic, budgets are shrinking and no letter writing campaign will change that.

Think about an adopt-a-trail program. Find locals willing to maintain a mile or more of trail each. I might be on the extreme end of the scale but I maintain over five miles of local trails and still find time to ride, run, and volunteer to work on other sections of trail.

Also, I often talk to land managers who are unaware of public funding, in the form of grants. Find out who manages all of that land and ask them if they have a grant writer. Put them in touch with my boss at A.C.E., Chris Baker or Matt Roberts. They operate an International Conservation Corps out of Flagstaff and Santa Cruz. Done some good trail building near St. George, Moab, Flagstaff, Black Canyon Trail - north of Phoenix. I tried to get them to bid on a series of trail up at Mt. Charleston a couple years back but we were too busy. They can work with land managers to find federal funds and matching money to do both maintenance and new construction.

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The whole thing is ridiculous.
Boulder City dumps hundreds of thousands of dollars into it's POS municipal golf course and then talks about Bootleg like its some huge money grubbing problem. The golf course runs in the negative at over $100K a year, while Bootleg costs less than $60K.
Boulder City has been taken over by the rich and powerful. If something ain't for them, then they try to cut it. As long as it's "wellfare for the rich" the city council votes to support it.

As a side note; I thought those idiotic "Zip" lines were supposed to pay for Bootleg...:madmax:
Oh that's right; the Bootleg Flight Line people have greatly increased damage to the road and countryside, so they must need more money to fix it...:rolleyes:

As far as grants go, Bootleg is in Boulder City, city limits, and is a Boulder City park.
They did get some kind of grant, for a parking lot down the hill, that almost no one uses.
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