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I am 6'1 woman, 34" inseam, and a new rider. I plan to use the bike for XC riding in BC (BBY mountain, Squamish) as well as in Saskatchewan (going to school there in the fall for a couple of years)

I have test ridden a lot of bikes and these are the two that I liked the best (that I can sort of afford).

Rocky Mountain ELement 50

Santa Cruz Superlight

RM is 2800 (tax incl)

Superlight is about 2500 ( tax incl) .

I am open to other ideas for bikes at this price point - or less. I have tried the Stumpjumper, Trance and Trek Fuel, but wasn' t keen on the more upright/sitting riding style on those.

I have looked and tried the Moonracer and Anthem, but then decided I wanted to have at least 4" of suspension.

Thanks so much for your suggestions!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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