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I just got this in the mail. Remember that you get the greatest discount percentage-wise if you stay slightly above $100.
Here is the text from the email:

"2 amazing offers to you from Supergo! Combo Offer on Select Jerseys. That’s right, get 2 top quality jerseys from Supergo at a deep discount! And to make this sweet deals even sweeter….take an additional $25 off your order over $100! So not only can you get 2 jerseys for a discounted price, you can also take off an additional $25 off your order*. This coupon offer is only good until 5/6/05 so you’ll need to act quick!

Simply use coupon code: 5002113 at Step 3 of checkout. This offer is only good on the website – not valid at retail stores. Expires 5/6/05"
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