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Superfly AL Elite feels softer in the back than a "Cobia"? How can this be?

So...before plunking down my cold hard cash on a new wheel set for my 2013 Cobia at my LBS, I took one of the rental bikes (2013 Superfly AL Elite) out for a spin b/c they are looking to unload it for a great price. I'm up in the air about the new wheel set vs abused Superfly decision, but the one thing that I noticed in my 1/2 hour ride was something really unexpected: the Superfly actually feels the slightest bit more plush in the rear end. This makes no sense at all to me b/c the tire they had on the bike was identical to what I run (Ignitor) and appeared to be inflated slightly higher than my own. Could it be the difference between the additional hydroforming in the frame? Could it be the difference between the Evoke 1 seat and the Evoke 2 seat (Bontrager says the 2 has chromoly rails, but it doesn't say what the rails are in the Evoke 1)? Could it be the difference between the SSR and the Rhythm Elite seatpost? Or was this all just my imagination?
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