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BB shell-73
FD clamp is 34.9/ 13/8
BB spindle would depend on the crank

There is a disc adapter available from your Trek/Fisher dealer.They are the same.

Pretty frame-please post some pics after its built.

Dan C.

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man, gary fisher's a genious...
1st he comes up with the 29er idea...
now he has figured out how to fill the tubes with helium to make a frame lighter than air!!!

Sweet!!! :D said:
Looking for the frame specs for a 2004 GF Supercaliber. Not frame dimensions but build specs...

Seatpost size
Seat tube diameter for front derailleur (I'm assuming top pull / bottom swing?)
BB shell width
BB axle width
Is there a rear disc adapter?

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dfcas - Thanks for the specs. Exactly what I needed to plan (more like spend $$) for the build.

Captain Kana - Nice pic. I've never seen one built up. Any ideas of the weight? My build will be VERY similar.

Kam - I'm thinking the frame will float back to earth when I start adding components!
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