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Super Deluxe 0LL tune on Specialized Turbo Levo?

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I had to get new shock for my Levo and got a good deal on Bike24. However, I was told it's MM tune but the shock turned out to be 0LL380 for SC Heckler.

Does it matter much? Stock shock was LH380 and I didn't have problem with rebound but felt compression could be lighter.

I'm bit puzzled by the 0 in front. What does it mean?

Looking at linkage design between Levo and Heckler there doesn't seem to be massive differences (3.2-2.7 leverage on Heckler vs 3.15-2.4 on Levo) and forces that are needed to go through travel are similar as well.

I don't want to install it if it's going to perform poorly so I can return it immediately but if it's going to be good, I'd keep it.
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