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super clyde spokes

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I ride a 29" redline monocog. I bought it new and I've been breaking spokes recently. I'm riding on the road the last month because of the rain and i'm breaking about 2 a week on the rear wheel.

Metal fatigue is probably the culprit so I'm gonna relace the rear wheel.

what are the strongest spokes I can get for the wheel?


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I found some 12g, not sure if they have it for 29ers. Probably more than anyone needs. You'll probably have rim problems with those as well.
Once the breaking starts, it tends to continue. No doubt your monocog came with a machine built wheel using no name spokes.

In most cases, a handbuilt wheel with even tension and DT Comp spokes will do the trick. DT Alpine spokes are even stronger, but many hubs will not except them.
Straight gauge 14g/2.0mm spokes and brass nipples are a very robust combination. Inexpensive too :thumbsup: While you are in there rebuilding, I would recommend a more robust rim as well. No point in relacing a soft/light duty rim up with stiff spokes. Save yourself a few headaches and pick up a stronger rim. With a good rim, quality spokes/nipples, and a good build you will be amazed at how long a wheel can last ;)
Straight gauge 14g/2.0mm spokes and brass nipples are a very robust combination.
DB 2.0/1.8 are actually less prone to break at the elbows than strait gauge 2.0 due to better stress distribution along the length of the spoke.
True, butted spokes do generate less stress on the spoke bend and head. They do this by stretching and flexing more. For a big rider this flex may or may not be an issue. I prefer straight gauge spokes. A well built wheel will have no issue with straight gauge spokes and it will be stiffer to boot. Since this is for a single speed the stiffness and lack of wind-up is a good thing IMO.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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