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I was able to get out to Annadel yesterday on the Super 8. First time with the 24" rear wheel. All I did was ride from Spring Lake, up Canyon to Lake Illsanjo, and back down again. Darn asthma & legs were killing me too (wonder why? LOL!)

I'm pretty sure the Sun DoubleWide & wire-bead Panaracer Fire FR 24X2.4 weigh like 10 pounds more than the old Sun 26" rim with kevlar bead 26X2.4. I haven't weighed the bike yet, but man it was some work loading it in my (tall) Suburban!

So yeah, it climbs easier with the smaller rear wheel, along with the 32T chainring and 34-11 cassette. This was also the first ride with the correct 700# spring on the Fox Vanilla RC; which was quite nice as well. Overall, the ride was excellent. I've got 5 weight oil in the Monster T, and the dampers open all the way which seemed to be about perfect for the rocky trails up there. I never bottomed the fork or the rear shock, but with the shock mounted in the upper hole on the front triangle, it feels like it ramps up pretty good a bit past 1/2 of it's travel; perfect! The bike still launches nicely, and the suspension soaks up just about everything easily. I can't believe how well this bike handles in the corners too. It's amazing; I hit a flat switchback faster than I ever had before, and the bike was asking for more still! Prior to that, I even had it in a 2 wheel slide, and loved it! Totally felt in control the entire time.

A couple of mods I need to work on though:

The chainslap is really annoying. I was in 7th all the way down, and it was just so loud at times. Hopefully my LBS still carries the stick-on chainstay protectors...

The shift cable housing seems to bend too much while going fast through the rocks. To the point where it's shifting while you are pedaling. I think I'm going to run a full shift housing all the way from the shifter to the derailleur. I noticed on my Bullit, that stopped it from shifting in those situations.

Other than that, the bike was sweet. I do need to adjust a few things here or there, I noticed the brake lever travel was not enough for my hands, and I may need to shorten the chain a little still as well. Next time out I may try the shorter wheelbase, but I want to measure the head angle first as it felt pretty good going up and coming down.

Thanks for everyone's help with this! I know it's old, but I'm enjoying it :thumbsup:


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missoularider said:
Blast from the past, and with a Monster! Love it.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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