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I just bought a Specialized Future Shock from 1994, I believe. The fork has seen little use, and all the titanium bits are in good condition. I want to run the fork on my 92' Rocky Mountain Blizzard. The fork was initially intended to use a Suntour Powerhanger for the front brakes, so there's no cable hanger on the brake arch, just a hole for the powerhanger. I've got the main body of the Powerhanger, but the mounting hardware isn't complete.

I know I could run a linear-pull brake on the front, but I'd rather keep my Paul's brake levers for canti's that I'm using and my existing cantilever brakes on the front. Does anyone have any leads on where to pick up a suntour powerhanger with all the mounting hardware?

Also, how well do these Powerhangers work when they're all set up? Is it even worth my effort to try and find one?

Lastly, I'm pretty sure that my bike was not intended to use a suspension fork. There's less than 5 cm of travel on this fork, and about 4.5 cm longer axle-to-crown height when compared to the stock rigid fork (tange struts). This doesn't seem like too much difference to me, but do you guys think this will drastically change the ride characteristics or handling of the bike?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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