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Sunday's ride at Hawes Pass

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Had a great ride over the weekend at Hawes Pass. The need to take advantage of the perfect weather outweighed the need to weed the yard. Funny how that happens...

Ride was unbelievable, weather couldn't have been better, and the locals came out of their holes to say, "What's up?" We came across three snakes during the day.

The first nearly took Scott's front tire off, the second I nearly ran over as it crossed in front of me, and the third I did run over. Felt kinda weird, like running over a thin balloon the clowns use to make those [email protected]'d up animals. He/she/it went on its way like nothing had happened. Pretty cool experience.

Some pic's...


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Thanks for the pics. I need to ride there soon. It really is one of the best trails anywhere.
Man I love those trails... always have a blast out there :) Your right though... this weekend was great riding weather.
is that the golden child?

it is hard to believe you guys had perfect weather seeing that keith was with you. he's usually a complete jinx for good weather. haha. looks like you guys had a great ride. Jeremy k
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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