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In cog? Neato!
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You're a little late...

...but then you already knew that. :)

Do you live in Eugene? There's not really much good off-roading close to town. You have to drive at least a half hour to get to the good stuff.

Some of the Disciples of Dirt went up to Middle Fork Willamette Trail (just beyond Oakridge) this morning but they planned to meet there at least a couple hours ago (it's 11:10am Sunday 11/27 as I type these words).

If you live in Eugene, check out The Disciples of Dirt MBC (link in my sig). We've got a good [secret] riding zone about half an hour from downtown Eugene as well as intimate knowledge about practically every singletrack in central western Oregon and many more beyond. With a little advanced notice, we can hook you up.


dagooch8 said:
looking for someone to ride with today,already 10:00 so close to there anybody out there?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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