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The latest issue of Decline thrash tested the 06' Sunday Frame, the article was all positive, except some may find the BB 2low and cranks longer than 165 to hit rocks etc easier.

Anyone have a chance to read it?

Looks like they are big fans of the DW link, the mag had a full page explaining the benefits of Dave Weagles hard work in designing 'the link'.

Its good being a Sunday owner when mags praise it as being 'balanced' and 'likes to corner hard and go fast!!!!'.

Another stoked Sunday owner..........


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Yes I did read that review - pretty damn nice! and i fully agree with Mike J. I won't go into too much detail, but I also LOVE my Sunday! Pretty much the best DH bike I've ever owned and there is no other bike I would rather ride next season.

As for the low BB - I run 170mm cranks and got used to leveling my pedals in rock garden's. Since most of the trails here are extremely rocky, when I first bought the Sunday I was worried about the low BB, but honestly it wasn't an issue for me. I would be lying if I told you I never hit my pedals, but only happens when I get lazy/tired and don't pay attention of my riding.
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