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Geoff, thanks for putting that together and inviting folks - a good ride and pretty warm!
Good riding with you & Kerrie, Patrick&Angie, Al, Jack, Eric.

Back to work tomorrow, but gotta keep the dough rolling in.....

Angie and Al: good meeting ya.

Gonna take my bike over to John (Harloe) see if he can rethread my crank arm and see what's up and fix my leaking fork. P, thansk for letting me know about the fork

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Yes, good times had by all. Been a long time since I did that long of a ride on the SS. I can't take credit for "instigating" the ride - it was a group effort between georgezilla, surly, laffeaux and myself. Good to see everyone out there and amazing that everybody kept the rubber side down!!

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Next time, you have to ride a 40 lbs. bike!!! (I think I was going so slow that I need a orange triangular reflactor on my butt.)

The ride was fun. I am glad everyone kept the rubber side down, and had a smile on their face.

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Might be cold

Bombin4X said:
I am interested in getting in on a 2O ride out there with you guys - any plans set for the next one?
It looks like it will be cold this Sat. But as long as the wind doesn't blow to bad that usually makes for a good ride out there. I am purdy sure I'll be headed out there about 9 or 10 am.
Hey Back2kill, what's the elevation at the top of the shuttle you talked about a few weeks ago.
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