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Sun Bicycles Spider: Info?

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Pretty damn cool rig. I like the bent tubes, 100mm rims, 2 speed hub and the 3 piece BMX crankset.

Anybody have one? Price?

I was in a local shop a few weeks ago and the owner was asking me if I'd heard of the Sun "pugsley" - said it was around $400. I don't know specifically what he was talking about but if these are only $400 I think I'll need to get one!
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Almost worth it for the wheels and BB at that price.

A bit long in the chainstays though
I spoke with the distributor a few months back the sun bike will sell for around $650/$700 roughly. Still not bad.
I like it! I wonder how it rides with that low gear ration... Spinning.
Probably a 135 mm NON-offset rear end, like the Tommisea bikes, with super long stays and SS only configuration to keep the chain from hitting the tire- ie. you wouldn't be able to run gears. You could run an IGH though. Also, the frame appears to be coaster brake only...
Andy FitzGibbon said:
Also, the frame appears to be coaster brake only...
That was the big rub the last time I saw this bike... by the time you pay to have some disc tabs put on, or buy a Brake Therapy kit, you've lost a bit of savings.
surlyoldman said:
I like it! I wonder how it rides with that low gear ration... Spinning.
I believe that is a microdrive set up there, a big deal with BMX bikes. It equates to a similar gear inch.
It is also a 40 lb. bike they say and you know some one is going to get curious and try to get it dirty.
The frame would take drum brakes though. Not a bad thing in a bike that's going to be used on sand.

I was thinking on the long wheelbase too - it may be an advantage on soft surfaces.

The gearing is probably low. For deep snow on my Pug when it's in SS form, I use a 22 tooth front to be able to plough through the deeper bits.

Wonder if they sell the frames?
The small front ring is because of the kickback hub, which has no reduction gear- just direct drive and 38% overdrive.
Wouldn't be too hard to get someone to weld a disc tab on the rear- then you could run a Rohloff, 8 or 11 speed Alfine, ect., like the Tommisea bikes.
Velobike said:
I was thinking on the long wheelbase too - it may be an advantage on soft surfaces.
I asked Dave of Dave's Fat Cycles what the deal with the chainstays was, as I believe he had a hand in the TommiSea bikes. He said it wasn't for tire clearance so much as it was for ride quality and weight distribution.
Badass just saw one at a Schaumburg ,IL. bike store
I was e-mailing back and forth with a guy on something unrelated to this when he brought up the bike. He said he had a sun Spider fat bike. I asked him what he thought about it and he replied that it handled very oddly when cornered. "Spooky" was the word he used to describe that, and he then pawned it off on his son.

Maybe the wider tires were a first time experience for him and oddness stemmed from that, but he was not impressed by the handling. So, there is one data point for ya. :)
Funny, I was just discussing this bike with the GF since she is in the market for a cruiser. Then I came across this on their website! I want it, but I can't even ride the skinny uni that I have. Would this fall under the category of half fat?

Sun Bicycles - Product

Guy in town has a fat uni built up with a Surly rim of sort. Picture here. 20inch chopper wheel I can handle from Sun, but riding the Surly wheel as a uni sounds like trouble!

GIRL COMMUTE!: 11 Wheels on Burt Street
Badass just saw one at a Schaumburg ,IL. bike store
Bicycle connection?
I saw one of these spiders in my local store last weekend and it had the front disc conversion running the bike at $750 but seeing as I have bought bikes from them before I'm expecting $700 if I do move for it.

My Moonlander deal fell through with another shop saying they had "over ordered" but they did refund which I feel was a lucky escape now as I feel the pugs is a better bike than the moon as I have to admit in getting caught up in a apple fanboy momment of new is better

Where the sun spider kicks in as a bonus is many who try fat bikes wade in with the big money bikes, find it's not for them and of those, some then go onto put down fat bikes. Where the sun helps is the money in isn't big say compared to a moon so people are less hostile when they find out.

I tried it, like it respecting the kick back 2 speed and it's limitations so will be buying use whilst I build up a rohloff pugs to my taste and to suppliment my on one ss
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I'm thinking about getting one of these and replacing the front hub with an electric motor. seems like a cheap electric ride, great for anything but hopping over stuff.
I run a SA 2 speed KB on my one 29er, very heavy hub, but it's not my "all use" ride, on a FB it would be adding more weight to an already weighty situation!
Test Ride!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I borrowwed one of these from the shop where I work and took it deep into the desert on an extreme test ride. It was great!!!! I have one on order. The bike was more fun to ride than my Pugsley!!!! It comes with 100mm rims and it has a little bit longer wheel base. The added length causes a more even distribution of weight over the front and rear tire allowing for more float. It also handled like a Cadilac. The long wheel base smooths out the bumps and gives a very stable ride. I also like how it has a symmetrical rear end so a bob trailer can be pulled ( I tried it). The Kickback 2 speed is fun and easy to get used to. I like the simplicity and reliability of the coaster brake. The gear range is pretty wide, I'd say it was like going from 32t:22t in low to 32t:16t in high.The bike has a very clean look to it with no cables. I rode it with my own saddle, clipless pedals, a 120mm stem and surly open bars. The bars and stem that come on it are ridiculous in my opinion. What other bike comes out of the box with 100mm rims and enough room for BFLs??? (It has a ton of room, and the chain line is definately far enough out) This thing is on moonlander status for about a third of the price. I will put a Moonlander fork on mine though because the stock fork is highten and the disk tab welds look kind of junky. This thing is not a cruiser, its a fat mountain bike in disguise. Also the spider tread pattern tires that come on it are on the same casing as the endomorph, larry etc. Just a different tread pattern on an Inova 26x4 tire. I'll take the chain gaurd off mine and throw some BFLs on it after I wear the stockers off. The double wall weinmans are heavy but probably bomb proof compared to the delicate looking clownshoes. It has a standard 100mm bb shell so I might throw in a MWOD crankset in time.

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