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Summit County Riding

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I will be visiting Summit County (staying in Breck) at the beginning of August and was hoping for some suggestions for riding and renting bikes.

We would probably ride a couple of times and would be looking for trails that would not require armor but still have some technical challenge to them.

Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:
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Do a search. Lots of useful advice in old threads! :thumbsup:
Peaks Trail, Miner's, Wheeler's, the Flumes, Gold Hill, etc. Tons of good riding there. There are several threads discussing this. You're going to love it!
You have to add West ridge (colorado trail) off of the dredge trailhead from tiger rd. Flipping awesome. Buy a summit county trail map for $15 bucks it has everything on it.
You've got most of the pointers for where to ride, as far as where to rent....

I would currently suggest Avalanche (not sure of their current rental fleet, but it's usually Santa Cruz and Yeti in the MTB arena.)
I 2nd the Avalanche suggestion. I recently bought a SC from them. Good guys, good bikes (SC and Yeti).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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