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Just spent three days up there. It was peak color

There were blazing aspens

Plant Wood Tree Natural landscape Trunk

There were colorful sunsets over the lake

Cloud Water Sky Mountain Natural landscape

There was a newly hatched forest fire, still going when I drove away this afternoon but rain in the forecast

Cloud Water Sky Mountain Ecoregion
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(for fire updates check out these websites: Ptarmigan Fire Information - InciWeb the Incident Information System and News)

I drove up to Peak One campground on Sunday. This wasn't to be a work trip, I left my work gear at home. I was going to be a tourist, no driving all over looking for locations to shoot, I was just gonna stay in town and take pics of aspens. And practice video, which I never do

Peaks Trail is definitely a bang-for-the-buck aspen viewing site. In-town singletrack. I knew it would be crowded but...Sunday during foliage season? Of course the crowds would be out

Plant Sky Wood Tree Natural landscape

I have to say that this time on Peaks (over 4 hours of shooting/experimenting with video, schmoozing with the hikers) was one of the most enjoyable times I've ever had. I haven't seen so many happy people in a long time. They all had a S-eating grin, all the out-of-towners wanted to move here, all the locals were still appreciative of the moment even after living up there since forever

Plant Plant community People in nature Tree Natural environment

The bikers threaded their way through the hikers, the doggies jumped into any water they came across. This puppy was pooped already and he'd just started

Dog Dog breed Carnivore Working animal Companion dog

I had the pleasure of meeting a Nikon Ambassador, one of only a handful in the US of A. Their job is to spread the good word about Nikon cameras and since I was carrying two at the time and she had two of the latest models around her neck, we immediately talked tech and...this doesn't happen that often on the trail...we both knew what we were talking about

Many conversations and pictures later I headed back to the parking lot. It was full when I'd arrived and was still full...which was a good thing

Plant Car Sky Vehicle Cloud

Cloud Car Sky Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle
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Pics from Sunday into Tuesday

Road surface Yellow Grass Tints and shades Pattern

There's a pond you cross early on at Peaks Trail

Water Plant Nature Botany Organism

Always cool macro images all around if you take the time to notice them

Branch Organism Wood Twig Art

Plant Plant community Ecoregion Natural environment Tree

Brown Natural landscape Tree People in nature Road surface

Brown Plant Botany Terrestrial plant Vegetation

Sunset Sunday evening

Cloud Sky Plant Plant community Mountain

Butt cold the next morning

Temperature Sky Cloud Household thermometer Measuring instrument

Cruising around Breckenridge before heading north to Frisco...little did I know what was coming

Cloud Sky Mountain Wheel Land vehicle

I had been remarking to myself how cool it was that there was no smoke in the air for once during a trip to the mountains this summer then

Cloud Sky Plant community Mountain Plant

Monday evening. The prevailing winds blew the smoke to the northwest

Cloud Atmosphere Sky Mountain Tree

I had a ringside seat from my camp site

Sunrise across the clouds and smoke early Tuesday morning

Cloud Sky Atmosphere Mountain Tree

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The forecast was for rain starting late Tuesday afternoon, which should help put out the fire. I wanted to spend most of the day out and about locally then head back home

Aspens at peak color everywhere

Cloud Sky Mountain Plant community Natural landscape

I was headed over to that patch of orange

Plant Sky Cloud Mountain Natural landscape

Just about to enter the Peaks Trail parking lot in Frisco, looking down the bike path

Plant Daytime Sky Cloud Automotive lighting

Empty parking lot, empty trail

Plant Plant community Sky Natural landscape Natural environment

On my way to Rainbow Lake

Plant Plant community Natural environment Natural landscape Road surface

I caught up with a local on this climb. Or rather, she caught up with me. She'd lived there for 20 years and had some cool stories to tell

Sky Ecoregion Natural landscape Wood Branch

Rainbow Lake. Not a breath of wind, totally calm water...but something was missing

Water Sky Plant Water resources Cloud

Oh yeah, doggies

Water Dog Dog breed Carnivore Tree

Water Dog Carnivore Dog breed Lake

Water Dog breed Carnivore Fawn Terrestrial animal

The local had to get to work and I had to keep checking out the aspens

Sky Cloud Plant Azure Twig

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As I walked away from the lake, I saw a spur that went down to the right. Never saw that before, where does it go? I started down it and another local came up behind me. She said this spur eventually got down to the bike path and it was her favorite early morning hike before breakfast. Wow, to have this outside one's back door for a short morning hike

Again, she didn't take any of this for granted

Plant Plant community Ecoregion Natural landscape Tree

The trail dove straight into the aspens

Plant Natural landscape Branch Wood Tree

I kept up my photography talk, mentioning when I saw something that I just had to take a pic of, like this serendipitous coming together of leaf and bark

Plant Branch Wood Trunk Twig

She countered with this evidence of a bear cub scratching a trunk down low

Plant Wood Branch Vegetation Trunk

It was pretty cool the things she pointed out, again proving that she was not jaded after living here for 18 years. We came around a corner and both skidded to a halt, her to gaze at this scene and me, of course, taking a pic of it...both of us totally immersed in the wonder of this three week or so period of stunning color

Plant Wood Natural landscape Tree Terrestrial plant

We did indeed wind up at the bike path, she was off to work and me, well, still taking pics while heading back to the trailhead parking area

Cloud Plant Sky Mountain Plant community

Just a ways from the trailhead, this aspen stand was glowing with its own light

Cloud Plant Sky Plant community Ecoregion

The day before I got some shots of the planes circling and dumping slurry on the fire

Cloud Water Sky Mountain Water resources

This was pretty far away. I could never tell if the planes were circling around then dumping or circling up and away after dumping

Cloud Mountain Sky Fire Smoke

Finally driving out of town, this was a view of the fire from Swan Mountain Road. The fire is currently at around 30% containment and not spreading, evacuations have ended, folks are back into their homes

Cloud Plant community Sky Ecoregion Mountain

As is typical on my road trips this summer, I drove through rain on the way back

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

The rain stopped and so did traffic on I-70. It was stop and go, mostly stop for about an hour. I'm taking 285 back next trip

Tire Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle Wheel
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