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Summertime Anti-Passion - IT'S HOT!

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It's damn hot. This weekend was miserable, and to make it worse the smoke is blowing over the mountains from the SoCal Morengo Valley fires. The clouds make it better at least, I just hope it rains. The humidity is down around 20% so as long as you can maintian some relative air flow it isn't too bad as long as you drink tons of water. It sucks the worst when I'm climbing with a tailwind that is exaclty the same heading and velocity as me.

Here are today's temps and this week's forecast courtesy of

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Oh yeah, now it's time to ride my bike home! YAY!

YIKES! T-storm AND 40's? Uhhh, let us know you got home alright, eh?!?! That's just not nice stuff to deal with.

Now, why are those temps in Celcius?!?!?!?!? :skep: :eekster: NOT that i'm complaining, just wondering.
We hear ya....the state capitol here reached 117 over the weekend....miserable...

Wx Underground gives both F and C weather readings to you.

I couldnt bare temps like that it got up to 93 here today with a rel hum of about 70% you can ring the water out of the air. Thats too hot for me but I live in the northeast and its much more bearable to ride now than it is in the winter (and harder to put the skis away for a weekend)

I was just out there. Man, its fricking hot.... Africa hot! Tarzan couldn't take that kinda hot.

Did I mention it was frickin hot?

I was out there all last week. I took a route from San Diego, out to El Centro, up to Palm Springs, through Victorville and Palmdale, and to LAX.

El Centro hit 116. OMFG! Not enough AC in the world to make that comfy.

I've been driving to and from work instead of bike commuting. I can't quite bring myself to pedal home in 106 degree heat in Concord.
I hear ya brother

Yea, this past weekend was hot. High 90's to a 100 here in DC. What the real kicker though was the freaking HUMIDITY. WHOLY FLUCK!!! I was riding Saturday and just could NOT breath! 17 miles about killed me. I was actually thankful I broke my middle ring just to have an excuse to head back. The LBS hammerhead I was working w/ tonight was telling me that the race he did on Saturday was the same way. EVRYONE was having troubles. I wore a 70oz camelbak today when I went for a run. BUT I'd rather have this than cold and snow anyday of the week! ;)
Yeah its getting way too hot in socal. Im fine with the dry heat but once the humidity sets in, its just makes my ride terrible. Even night rides are hot! Those good old spring riding days... Well at least fall is coming up soon....

I've about had it with this,


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I don't miss living in Texas during the summers, AT ALL!
It's all right in Colorado as long as you're 10,000 ft+ , the front range has been a furnace though.
105 in victorville isn't too bad, when you live close to the coast in orange county and its still 100 degrees, there is a problem.
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