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Summer Season goodness

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I have been riding my On One Summer Season for about a year. Took a bit to adjust to what I thought was my new style of riding. I have mentioned on this forum that I felt like the bike was great but it felt a little sluggish handling.

I remember reading something Brant (designer of the Summer Season before he left On One) wrote about "riding the fork", but never seemed to be able to get out of my "XC lean" style of bike set up. A couple weeks ago, after my first ride on my new wheelset, I was out on my local trail and on a whim, decided to move my saddle forward, to see how it affected handling.

Oh.... so THIS is what Brant meant by riding the fork! I wound up with a more upright posture, a more balanced ride, much easier to shift weight in all directions and seemingly putting the fork to good use.

I would guess this applies to most slack angled hardtails. In fact I think Brant was actually talking about the Blue Pig in his comments. So if you are in the same boat as me, try sliding that saddle forward a bit .

I write this after getting back from a great morning ride here in NC. Rare February day supposed to get in the 70's... great ride, great company (i was alone) and a slight modification to riding position has me having a lot more fun on the bike.
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It took me a while to get the fit I needed on my summer season too; I ended up with a 45mm stem and the seat slammed forward. Climbs and descends like a dream, this bike feels like it was built for drifting. Very fun ride :D
why are you on the seat when cornering? What he means by riding the fork, is to push on the frontend to keep weight on it, too keep the fork sagged and the HA angle steeper to keep the bike carving. Its a delicate balance because too much weight/push on the front and the tire will wash. Finesse is the name of the game. The seat should be positioned for optimum pedaling position.
I thought "riding the fork" was what pasta tweakers called winding spaghetti around into a big ball before jamming it in their mouths.
I can ride a mtn bike but somehow have never learned how to wrap spaghetti around a fork lol, pasta newb
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