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Got yourself a fancy fatbike last winter, loved the ride, but aren't quite digging the uber-fatness this time of year?

I can help.

Every wheelset below is new, never ridden, never been on a bike.

135/170 for Fatback, 907, etc...

Turn that obese pig into a summer rocket. 616 hubs, Stans Arch EX rims in limited edition silver, DT silver spokes and red DT Prolock alloy nips.

XTR freehub body option on the rear hub.

Taped for tubeless, WTB red aluminum valves included.

At MSRP this is an $1100 wheelset. Get this set now for $840 shipped.

* * * * *

Wanna split the difference between full-fat and 29" with a 29+ wheelset?

Salsa Conversion hubs laced to Velocity Blunt 35 rims with DT Swiss spokes and DT Prolock alloy nips.

Red Salsa skewers included. Hubs include endcaps to convert to thru-axles on both front and rear.

At MSRP this is a $722 wheelset. Get this set now for $600 shipped.

* * * * *

135/190 for Borealis, Fatback, 907, etc...

Need some float, just not as much as in winter?

Borealis hubs laced to Velocity Dually rims with DT spokes and nips. 135 x 15mm front hub, 190 QR rear hub. Rear skewer included.

Front can be converted to QR, rear can be converted to 197 x 12.

Murdered-out black not your thing?

Identical wheelset below, but in red w/silver.

At MSRP this is an $840 wheelset. Get either of these sets now for $700 shipped.

* * * * *

135/135 offset for Pugsley, 907, etc...

Best of both worlds if you only want one wheelset for year-round use. Surly Marge Lite rims laced to a Surly New Disc (on-center) front hub and an offset-laced DT 350 rear. DT Butted spokes, DT Prolock alloy nips.

Surly rim strip included. Prefer blue, white, red, or orange? Sure--just specify.

At MSRP this is an $880 wheelset. Get this set now for $690 shipped.

* * * * *


29+ wheelset to fit your Pugsley.

Surly Ultra New disc (laced on-center) front hub, Hope Pro 2 EVO (laced offset) rear hub, DT Swiss butted spokes and DT Prolock alloy nips, all laced to Surly Rabbit Hole rims, finished off with Surly rimstrips.

At MSRP this is an $885 wheelset. Get this set now for $700 shipped.

* * * * *

Tires are available as pictured and I give 'package pricing' if you buy a wheelset, but you don't have to buy tires if you don't need 'em.

If you see something you like but need a slightly different configuration, feel free to ping me and we can discuss options: [email protected]


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