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Sultan and racing

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I am thinking of getting a Sultan. First, it will be for racing. Second, training. Third just to ride. How many are racing a Sultan? If so how what is your set up? How light is your ride?
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You clearly missed this one a few posts down from the top:

I race my '07 Sultan, last year for XC, but this year I'm just racing it in the 100 mile races for the NUE Series, although it was my steed in the Stoopid 50 yesterday too.
I race with my Sultan.... but only long marathons.
I am trying to decide between a Sultan or Pivot. From what I read on the Pivot form, I could get the 429 to around 26lbs. How light could I get a L Sultan.
coff1962 said:
I am trying to decide between a Sultan or Pivot. From what I read on the Pivot form, I could get the 429 to around 26lbs. How light could I get a L Sultan.
I had a large '07 Sultan right at 26 lbs. as well, without anything too crazy. The '09's are about 1/2 lb. heavier, but a light build could still easily be in the 26-27 lb. range. I don't think a half pound one way or another should be the deciding factor though. I would concentrate more on geometry, quantity/quality of travel, and other things that may seem small at first glance but will have a much larger impact than a few ounces on how much you enjoy the bike in the long run. The Pivot's integrated headset, bottom bracket, and front derailleur may help keep the overall bike weight down even though the frame itself isn't all that light, but you have to decided if it's worth it to be locked in to the (semi)proprietary parts it uses.

I haven't raced my '09 Sultan yet (picked up a Nitrous at the end of last season for that purpose), but will probably give it a go at some point. I had some success racing the '07 the last two seasons, winning one race and taking second at a few others, including state championships last year. The bike's (and my own) strong suit has always been courses that were rough but relatively fast and flat. With the extra 20mm of travel this year the '09 should only be better in those conditions, with the DW link helping it maintain/improve it's "pop", on top of being a welcome addition for steeper, climbing oriented courses.
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My XL '07 is ~28lbs with plenty of scope to trim more from it if I suddenly found a big pile 'o' cash.
Thanks for the input.
my .02, from a non racer...........
I've owned/ridden both the TNT & now the DW Sultans and find the DW REALLY climbs well. Races are won on the climbs and tho the DW is heavier, the gain in efficiency, to me, more than makes up for it.
Get a Jet 9

A great racing 29er! And then get a Sultan for training....

I raced XC and 24 hour stuff on my '07 Sultan and enjoyed it. It's been the closest thing to the "one" bike that I've had. One set of lighter wheels with fast rolling tires for race day and a set of bigger tires and burlier wheels for the rest of the time worked out great for me.
I raced my Sultan last season (Nov 08-Mar 09), South Florida Coconut Cup Series. Finished 8th out of 24 in my class this year with no training plan, no 'race specific' changes other than running a Python out back.

This year, I'll run the same bike with very minimal modifications (different seat (lighter), different rear tire (heavier), different bar (heavier)). Weighs in at about 28lbs with a front thru-axle.

My goal is to have a durable, weight conscious (not weight weenie) build I can take to the trail and race one day, then take on vacation and explore the next. Aside from my Phenom SL saddle, nothing really weight weenie on the bike.

With a fist full of cash, I could probably see 26lbs but at 6'3", 210lbs - I'm not too concerned with 2lbs of bike weight. This year I just plan to show up with a coordinated kit and road racing helmet so I look faster on the starting line. That's enough to psych out my opponents and give me the edge. :)

PS - I took the Ritchey WCS stem off in favor of a 30gm heavier Kore unit designed for XC and enduro. The WCS was too flexy.
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I'm racing my 09 Sultan all over the place this year. I already have the coordinated kit and helmet. Unfortuneately none of my opponents get too intimidated because they don't look back over their shoulders that much.:p Maybe next year.
The longer the race, the better

I have raced my 2008 Sultan a ton since building it up last summer and I have had some of my best results on this bike...but I can't help but wonder whether a lighter version of the Sultan would be an even better race bike. People often rationalize extra weight in exchange pedaling efficiency but overall weight does matter over the course of a long event with tons of climbing.

My 08 LG frame & shock weighs 6.5 lbs which is respecatable for a frame in this category. Many folks gravitate to the Jet9 because it is marketed as a "race" bike but a large Jet9 & shock weighs 6.2 lbs...pretty close to the Sultan.

The reported pedaling efficiency of the DW Sultan is appealing but the extra weight & travel was a deal breaker for me since my primary use is for the Sultan is racing. I plan to race my 08 Sultan until DT releases the Sultan-Lite. :) (DT, if you are listening, I would like to put in my pre-order now).
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The weight difference between my JET9 and my '07 Sultan is about .2 lbs. The JET is quicker handling, a snappier pedaler, less plush so it feels like a "real" race bike. I have not been able to verify if that makes the JET any faster in practice, though. I love my DWL Sultan (it's my "go to" mountain bike when I head out the door), but it gives up a noticeable amount of weight to the JET. I'm going to try a lighter, faster rolling wheelset later on this year for some long rides on the Sultan to quantify how much, if any, slower it is than the JET.

If DT builds a 100mm travel DW-Link 29er designed around a 100mm fork with a little quicker handling and a weight of 6-6.5 lbs, I will be right after the guy from Driggs on the pre-order list ;).
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