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Sugino DX crank info

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Does anyone have these Sugino DX cranks or know where to find more info on them?

I am considering going with an affordable square taper setup to replace my gritty and clicking external BB crankset (my fault for not replacing the grease often enough I guess), but I don't want anything too heavy. Shimano square tapers could be an option too, but the limited info I have found makes them sound pretty heavy
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I don't use those, but I do use Sugino XD300 cranks on 2 bikes. I only use a middle ring (SS and Speedhub). The crank arms alone weigh 600gms, which didn't seem that bad. I don't know how much more those might (or might not) weigh.
Wish I Were Riding said:
At least I tried...
*hugs* I appreciate you too. Thanks for trying;)
boomn said:
*hugs* I appreciate you too. Thanks for trying;)
Ahhh. That's better. :D

I say get them. :thumbsup:
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