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I've sold my ECDM and am trying to figure best practice to box and ship it across the country.

Anyone have suggestions on how best to box?
I'm thinking connecting two "little" bike boxes.
Forks on? , Forks off?

Any suggestions on carriers?
USPS, UPS, FEDEX ground, a Freight Co.?

Your input will be appreciated.

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A tandem frame box is just within UPS's max dimensions for ground. So you'd need to strip the wheels, fork etc off the frame, and use another box/es for the take-off parts.
Cost for all the boxes would be about the same as shipping it truck freight in a larger box (we have them made 86x9x32 inches) which means we can ship with the front wheel and bars off, but otherwise assembled. Truck freight runs anywhere between $200 and $400 CONUS, but we also have negotiated rates.
However, some truck freight lines will not insure used bikes.
I haven't used the Greyhound method, but it might be worth a try. Have also heard the same about Amtrak/railroad passenger lines. Main thing is that the tandem is well-packed and padded, because it'll take a beating.
You might check through
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