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Does anyone have ideas or sites that may help me market a complete Blur LTc for sale? I have posted it to my local mtb association site, mtbr classified and on ebay without much luck Here is what I need to sell:

Sub 26 lbs.

Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon – Steel Blue/Silver – Small
Fox Float RP23 Custom tuned for this bike
Formula R1’s - Magnesium levers (no question, best modulating brake on market and lightest)
Formula R1 Two piece rotors
Shimano XTR M970 Hollowtech II Crankset M970 22/32/44
Shimano XTR M972 Shadow Rear Derailleur
Shimano XTR M970 12-34 cassette
Shimano XTR M970 Rapidfire Shifters
Shimano XT M771 Direct Mount Front Derailleur
Fox 32 TALAS FIT RLC 15QR Fork
DT Swiss 4.2 d’s laced to DT 240’s hub w/ DT 14/15 spokes and alloy nipples
Thompson Masterpiece
Easton MonkeyLite SL Low Riser
Thompson x4 Elite stem
WTB Rocket V Team
Chris King 1 1/8", Chris King taper
Ergon GE1 grips
Continental Mountain King 2.4’s Tubeless
Professionally tubeless conversion by Indy Cycle Specialist
Carbon stem spacers
Grease ports on lower pivots
Grease gun included w/grease
Extra Santa Cruz seat collar included

err, 27.5+
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Anything over about $2500 is going to fall under more scrutiny from the buyer. Over $4K and it gets pretty hard not to just buy a new one setup exactly as you want it. High price requires meeting the right buyer who is looking for exactly what you are selling.

Good luck with the sale.

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TonyONeill said:
I agree with all of you. Thanks for the input. Perhaps I need to revaluate why I am selling. My biggest concern is the regret I will face after I sell.
Beautiful bike- its a highly desireable/dream bike but the number of folks ready to spend at this level are limited and typically have their own specs in mind.

Ive sold much high end new and used bike stuff on Ebay and conservatively, most folks are only willing to pay 70-75 % (off MSRP) for brand new and 50-70% for used/like new.

Your nice pics of the bike are a plus. Parting it out can yield incremental funds you
want to generate for your other projects.

Waiting until after Christmas or the warmer spring may produce more hits.

Forget Craigslist unless you enjoy getting lowballed with offers of " I'll give you $500 for it"
or scam replies.

Best of luck with the sale!

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At that price, I'd buy new with a lesser component package so I have a warranty from SC. That's a really nice bike for lot of money, and if the frame breaks, I want SC behind it.

This from a guy whose XC broke at the bottom bracket weld and was replaced under warranty by SC with BLT2 (aluminum) for an "upgrade" price of $300.
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