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I am in south florida for the winter and I need help choosing a tire. The conditions down here are loose dirt/sugar sand, pine needles, coral rocks and short steep ups followed by short steep downs. No heavy climbing at all (well we are in south florida) my current Specialized Adrenalines, which I was planning on replacing anyway, seem to lack any traction in these conditions. I slip with ease on short tech ups and in alot of the turns. So I am looking for a tire to handle these conditions and have a little sturdiness b/c the coral rock can tear thru a tire pretty easy. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Or if any of you live down here even better.

Edit: bike is 05 fsr 120 with 2.0 adrenalines

for the locals: I will be riding Oleta & Amelia since Markham and Quite Waters got destroyed during wilma. Which makes me sad b/c for a south florida trail system Markham was a blast to ride.
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