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suggestions for solo 24 hour training?

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Doing my first 24 solo in Feb.(Old Pueblo)
Will be my second 24 (first was part of a duo).
I have a decent base from other training but am looking to put together a more 24 hr spec program. Seeing as its my first solo I'm looking to set realistic goals...

Can't really afford a coach at this point -online or otherwise...Suggestions?

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Hey Alex...

You might want to look into THIS LINK
It's road based, but you can tweek it to meet your needs.
Make sure you get your nutrition nailed down, and get some longer mnt bike rides in on singletrack. The body takes a beating and you want to be ready for it.
There is also THIS LINK
It should give you a good idea on where to take your training.

For your FYI...
I am also self coached.

Good luck! has lots of good reading material as well. Much of it is adventure racing specific, but like running in general, it can be ignored.

Here is there 24 hour race specific plan:

Keep in mind the season is backwards down in Kiwi land and they like the metric system for some reason.

Good luck,

Eddie O

I appreciate the leads...
24 hr training

also lotsa info at:

Ride your Mtn Bike alot. Sorry if that sounds pointlesly obvious- which it is. What Im also trying to say is if you road ride alot, you will need to do some hard MTB rides to get your body used to the jarring its going to take. You can be super fit on the road but it will mean nothing if you cant hold your handlebars at 3 a.m because your arms a too sore.

Basicaly you need to do it all- quantity and qaulity- lots of long miles- there is simply no substitute, and plenty of intensity in the months before the event- back it off three weeks before.

Good luck and most importantly enjoy yourself- if you have a healthy mindset before the race and dont get too worked up you will have a good race.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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