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2012 Reba Dual air with remote lock out.
Going to have to send seller a message on axle type it ain't listed.
Also I believe you can change this to 100mm IIRC
2012 RockShox Reba XX 29er Fork 120mm Dual Air 29 Tapered QR w Pushloc | eBay
I already have one but thought about grabbing this for a back up.
If you do a search there are some single air in your price range.
I love the dual air thou.

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Suggestions for best current deal on a fork? 29, 100mm, tapered, 15mm TA <$500

X-Fusion Trace can be had for a little over $500, can be adjusted to 100mm, and is a great fork. I think mine was $530 on eBay. This was the model with unicrown and GSA coating.

You could also look into the other x-fusion 29er fork ( slide?). I think it is in you budget too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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