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My Sugar is a 3+, 2002 model, Manitou Black Elite 80-100. Me: 5'11", ~165lbs.

I seem to be riding it in the 2.8" travel in the back w/ 100mm travel in the front. I'm an old hardtail guy at heart, so this seems to fit my riding well, and climbs well for me, too (firmer spring). Mostly single track, up and down.

But I'm riding a lot more this year, with more varied terrain. Some shuttles also (I know, it's hard for me to admit), with faster downhill sections that the Sug' just feels a little twitchy on...

So, thinking about a 120, 130 fork, perhaps adjustable down to 100mm travel, to use w/ the 4.1 travel mode.

That would feel more balanced to me w/ the 4.1 travel, and slacken the head angle for descents.

Or so I think....

Any thoughts or experience w/ this?


P.S. I _know_ it's not a DH bike :), just trying to keep up w/o having another bike in the garage.
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