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Subluxed/strained sternoclavicular joint

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I went otb on a steep section and landed really hard on my back/shoulder.
Now I have a lump where my collarbone meets my sternum. It’s not that painful but kinda weird that I could knock my clavicle anterior by landing on my back. It’s Sunday so I’ll go see an orthopedic doc tomorrow. I imagine they’ll tell me to rest it for a month or something.
Anyone else had this kind of injury?
I know broken collarbones are common but this is sorta different.
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I did something similar when racing motocross 5 years ago. Not much you can do for it. They will x-ray and make sure it doesn't have any fractures and that it isn't posteriorly dislocated (which is a much bigger issue). You may have also torn your subclavius muscle. I tore mine- it burned at the SC joint for abouy 4 months when I'd raise my arm above 90*. But it heals on its own. Look into ginger, turmeric, arnica, and vitamin C to help inflammation and healing.
I have had a similar injury, I believe there is a small ligament or tendon there that you can strain or tear. Over time it will heal with rest, I have a small permanent lump there where it happened. I believe the injury occured from clenching my neck while riding too fast through the gnar.
…,riding too fast through the gnar.
Yessir that’s what did it to me also
Well the joint is totally fine but now I broke the bone dammit!
Mtb is dangerous even if you are just crashing on little stuff.
First day on the new bike and I should have given it a couple days to get used to the new ride. But oh no I had to be a big man and hit the jump.
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