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Jesse and Lori (the trail care crew) are coming to Fort Wayne next weekend for a three day visit. This is a great opportunity for riders local to Northeast Indiana. I went to a Trail Building School session last year in Middlebury and learned a lot about how to combat the kind of erosion and water problems that can occur on trails like Franke's.

Thursday at 6pm at Summit City Bicycles: Club Care presentation.

Friday at 9am at Franke Park Duck Pond Pavilion: Land Manager training.*
The Land Manager training is by inviation. If you would like to be invited please email [email protected] for more information.

Saturday at 9am at Franke Park Duck Pond Pavilion: IMBA Trail Building School. For anyone who's not familiar, the School consists of a classroom presentation in the morning, followed by a practical trail-building exercise in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided.

The Trail Building School is completely free but you must sign up in advance on IMBA's website. Here's the link:

If you're interested in getting involved in building and maintaining trails in Northeast Indiana check out the following links: NITRO | An I.M.B.A. Chapter
Nitro is working on new trail projects in Northeast Indiana, including a potential bike park in Fort Wayne and singletrack trail on DNR properties.

Three Rivers Velo Sport is a local cycling club. They promote local cycling opportunities and maintain the mtb trails at Franke Park.
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