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Sub 26 pound Sortie

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I still have room to lose 1/4 to 1/2 a pound with component changes, maybe even a full pound with a Ti bolt kit and floating rotors, but today I achieved my goal: My 4" Sortie weighed in today at 25 pounds, 14 ounces. A sub 26 pound Sortie!!! I'll post pictures this weekend.
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Cool!! Can't wait too see the pics.
So, what's the most important part to switch? I usually find a good lightweight, but strong set of wheels (I used to get Cane Creeks, but I guess that part of my life is over...) before I change anything else.

I was just wondering if there's any particularly unduly heavy part on a Sortie. My '08 is sitting at the house till I get home (Baghdad till next April). I haven't even seen it yet! I have a set of brand new Easton XC Ones that I bought for my WCF build....but I think I'm going to go 7 speed on that one, so I'll need different wheels. It's all good though, because the Eastons can go on my Sortie.
A good set of wheels and tires are one of the best ways to lose weight, for sure. I love my Mavic wheels, they are freaking strong and light as hell!! I would also think about little things like pedals, carbon bars, and seatpostto drop some weight and a crankset is also a good place to start.
Sorry, camera is on the blink so no pics yet.

Wheels and fork are the two biggest weight wasters, with the wheels being the most important.

My current build is as follows

Mavic Crossmax SLR wheelset
Sid Race fork
Monkeylite xc bar
FSA OS-99 stem
Thomson seatpost
Tioga Spyder saddle
XT cranks
X-0 Drive train with XTR front Dr.
Juicy Carbon brakes
WTB Wolverine tires.
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Lets see those pics!
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