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Hey Everybody!
When I ordered internal routing for my bike I didn't really think about hydro hose thickness. When I got the bike I put XTR's on and the hose slipped right through no problem. I've run them for a few years with issues here and there and decided to switch out to a set of hope mono minis I had in the garage.... Well... the hose is thicker than the XTR's and it doesn't just slip through the internal routing without problem. My questions:

Can I run a smaller gauge hose on the Hope Mono Mini than originally supplied? If so, is it an easy fix? Can I just switch out the banjo for one that fits a smaller hose?

If you have an answer, thanks... I feel like a newbie in the 29er forum saying 'I'm 5'9", can I fit a 29er?' So sorry, I don't know jack about brakes.
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The Mono Mini should have 5mm hose. I don't suppose you have a picture, do you? Just to show a couple of inches at the end and the fittings.
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