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Stumpy sizing ?

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So I used to have a '99ish Stumpy FSR in a size medium. I have long legs and short torso and am 5ft. 9in. With the included seatpost which seemed quite long (sorry, don't remember the real length), the medium just barely fit my leg length, and the top tube seemed a little smallish, but nothing major.

I'm about to buy an '02 Stumpy and understand that the top tube has been lengthened a wee bit from the earlier generation which sounds good.Any change to the seat tube height? Any thoughts on whether a large would actually be better for me given the above? I probably also rum my saddle on high side because I do a lot of road riding and my knees like it high.

I was planning on getting another medium, but still wonder if the large wouldn't be better?

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02 geometry?

Ok, another question then if no one has an opinion. Anyone have an old catalog that tells them the 02 geometry. Top tube and seat tube lengths, various angles, etc.


Check their website, I think the '01-'03 Stumpy FSRs all had the same geometry. is the link for '02 Stumpys but none of them seem to connect to geometry right now. I think the seat tube length/standover is the same for all sizes, but TT lengths change. I'm 5'8" with a long torso and short legs, and ride a Lg '01 Stumpy (23.5" horiz TT), so you might need a Med. If the seatpost is too short, just buy a new one (usually 350mm) and cut to the length you need. I use a 27.2mm seatpost with a shim, since selection in 30.9mm posts is a bit thin.
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