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Stumpy FSR's with Flat Bars

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Anyone reverted to flats? How did you get on and do you have any photos?
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I put flatbars on mine to get the position I needed. I think it really improved the handing and balance of the bike. Sorry, no pictures yet.
i put em on mine also, liked it at first, then went back to risers to see how it felt, i thought the flats made a difference in the overall speed of the bike, but, after going back to risers i saw i was wrong, i like the riser bar much more. just an opinion though...
I have flat bars on mine. With the stock riser bar, the front tend to lift up during steep climbs. The flat bar shifted my weight forward a little. The stock risers were also a tad too wide for me, the narrower flat bar felt more comfortable.
just cut the risers shorter with a hacksaw then.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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