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So I bought the basic Stumpy FSR model, and let me say there's nothing basic about it. It's a whole lot of bike for the money. But between riding the bike, working my job, and taking care of my new infant son, I just don't have time to weigh the bike. I'm more curious than anything else; I don't race and I think whatever it weighs is worth the suspension and the great way the bike climbs. My guess is it weights about 28 pounds. Anyone stepped on the scales with this model?

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my frame up 06 stumpy fsr is 27.5 lbs.

Built as follows, 05 Pushed Vanilla R, King headset, Spec mid rise bars, Spec seatpost, Spec Rival Sl seat, Thomson stem, ritchey stubby bar ends, Sram X9 triggers, and rear derauiller, XT crank, XT FD, cass, Sram hollow pin chain, Avid mechanical discs with Avid speed dial levers, a Mavic x317/Hugi 240 wheelset, with older Spec Roll X Pro's with Stans juice, and Shimano 540's for pedals.

That weight is with one bottle cage, the cyclometer, and of course that cute little rear fender.

I believe you'll find the lower end stumpy's are well in the high 20's.

That weight is from an Ultimate digital scale.

My last shorter travel Stumpy was very near breaking into the 25 # range. This new bike rides lighter than the old one.
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