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I posted this in another forum too, so I hope I'm not breaking the rules, but I'm hoping to get opinions from a wider range of folks by doing so...

Stumpjumper FSR 29er Expert vs. Fisher Rumblefish II. I'm hoping someone who has experience (on the trail) with the two bikes can break down the differences. It'll need to be a comparison of 2010 models, as I know they both improved their frames a great deal after '09. I'm not loyal to either Trek (Fisher) or Specialized and won't ever be as I think they both have a lot to offer. But I'm thinking of getting a new bike this year and would be picking between the two (no major frame changes for either in 2011). I have ridden the '10 Stumpjumper 29er quite a bit and can say that I love it other than some vibration in the rear brake.

Specifically, five questions…

1) Which bike felt more slack? Was there a noticeable difference in the two in that aspect?

2) Brain vs. Boostvalve… Would you liken the Brain to basically 15 levels of propedal or something totally different? For example, is Propedal level 2 on the Fisher’s RP23 equal to the Brain halfway on?

3) Rear end stiffness comparison?

4) Ground clearance?

5) Did the 110mm rear travel on the Rumblefish actually feel just as deep as the 130mm rear travel on the Stumpy because of the boostvalve?

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