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Please let me know the year and anything else you may know

Jeff at First Flight Bikes was very helpful, but he indicated that the Serial numbering system is a different than what he is used to, so he was unable to help with the year.

LS327350 is the serial number stamped in the BB, and I double checked the number.

Jeff indicated they made these earlier bikes in batches, so the components varied.

These are some of the components. Also attached is a pic.

Araya 26x1.75 rims
SR Laprade Seatpost
Suntour power thumb shifters
Shimano brake levers and brakes
Viscount seat
Tourney XT cranks
Shimano pedals
Suntour XC rear derailleur
Suntour AG Tech front derailleur


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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