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Stubborn Cassette

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I broke my old chain whip on a stubborn cassette today. I'm lucky I had a backup :D

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When all else fails, the vice is there to help you!
Wow that is a great idea. I use the Pedro's Vice Whip and love it..but it is hard to use on 1/8" cogs since it's made for 3/32". I may actually end up using the bench vise trick for my bikes with a 1/8" drivetrain. :thumbsup:
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IMOP it's safer than that damn whip. I wear PPE but I'm always worried that the whip may slip and my hand or forearm will go into the cassette.

This is a used bike that I'm doing a rebuild on. I totaly destroyed the cassette cap trying to remove. Someone was worried about their cassette falling off.
I've broken chain whips before. I finally replaced the chain part with a section of SS/BMX specific chain - haven't had any issues since.
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