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I wear two thongs
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Hey guys and gals, Ive run into a slight dillema. I'm 5'9" 230lbs I have a 2006 Ironhorse Yakuza Aniki and I recently bent the rear quickrelease axle. I replaced it with an XT QR axle that I had laying around but after one day of freeriding the XT axle is already starting to very minorly bend. I just dont wanna run into an issue of snapping an axle and getting severely hurt on the trail. Anyone know any companies that make stronger rear QR axles or where I can get one at? And before you think im bottoming out the suspension causing excess force this is not the case I called Ironhorse and had them ship me a new spring (750lbs) that was made for my weight with this suspension setup.

Thanks in advance for any help I receive

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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