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Strong in the queue !!

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Finally, my Strong frame design is complete and in the queue!! I am pretty excited. I am a big dude and I do trail riding in addition to a little urban and jumping. Carl hooked up a sweet design that will do it all. It's a little on the freeride side of the geometry, designed for a 5" fork. Here's a few of the details....

Tubing: TT (35mm), DT (38mm) - Columbus Thermacrom (heavy duty butted), HT (37mm) - Columbus Tandem, ST (35mm) - straight gauge, Stays will be Columbus Max

Geo: 23in TT, 70 degree HTA, 73 degree STA, 13in BB height, 16.5in chainstays

Hopefully will get some build pics as he goes through the process......
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It does sound like a bike that can do it all esp with a 5 inch fork. Looking forward to seeing some pics and riding impressions.

Lets us know what componets you're going to run and what color your've decided on.
yeah - tough choices on color... keep us apprised.

You may still be a week or two from build - so be patient. Spectrum though seems like they are pretty darn quick on turnaround now. Mine was only there for a few days before they turned it around. According to fedex - it's here tomorrow. Woohoo!
I am still working out a few details on the build. As mentioned, I am about 245, so I can never get anything that's really very light. I have most of the stuff, but need to eBay some old stuff to get some new stuff, I am sure you all know what that's about....

I use a heavier FR type fork (Marz Z1 FRIII) for all riding, that way I don't have to worry about it if I want to drop something, and it's not a big deal pushing it across the trails, and I really like the 20mm hub, and I dropped the travel down to 130mm. I am trying to sell some stuff so I can get new wheels, I am currently looking at Mavix 823's (if I go with these, I will most likely enter the tubeless realm in order to drop a little weight) or 819's. Might do 823 on rear, 819 up front. Not sure yet, DT Swiss 5.1d's are an option too. I have Saint Cranks with one 36t ring up front and will pick up 9sp XT medium cage rear der for it. I am not sure what I will use for a chain guide, most likely an old der locked into place, at least to start with. Will be picking up Thomson post and stem (X4). And I have my eyes on a Syncros Gain 7075 bar (31.8) that I noticed at my LBS, stiff and light. Avid mechs with Avid levers and a SRAM Attack shifter pod. WTB Rocket V Race saddle. King HS of course.....

As for color, holy crap, sky's the limit. Wait a minute, my (empty) wallet is the limit !!! haha

It will be pretty simple. The base color will be silver, with a panel on the DT. The panel will be dark blue (think Penn State) with STRONG in white, and some black bands on the ends. HT will be the Strong hammer dude decal. And I think that's about it.....maybe a Columbus decal at the bottom of the seat tube if Carl has one....

I purposely scheduled to be building now, when I talked to Carl earlier in the year, he mentioned July was a pretty slow month for him, so I figured, once the design was done, turn around would be a little quicker....
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IN the que too!

I'm also enjoying the Carl Strong custom build process....

Here is the final design of my HT. It will be based around a 100mm REBA 29er......

I'm looking to do some epic XC riding/racing once built up.

I'll be sure to post pics of the final product.


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