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Strength of Epi Anodized finish

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Hi Everyone

I use to own a 04 santa cruz blur in ano black. Frame color was great and so durable. Never really scratched or chipped ever, it kept the frame looking new for a real long time.

Looking at a new epi in ano black. The ano finish seems to have less texture than my blur. Can anyone comment on how well it beats scratches/chips etc?

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I've rubbed against a few large rocks when traversing technical terrain on my Evolve and other than some surface marring of the anno there was no damage to the frame. Seems revlatively stout. I've not had any chips.
The Nebula Blue anodizing on my Epi is the most durable finish i have ever encountered (with the exception of bare Ti ;). Its 4 years old, been ridden hard and put away wet and there's not a scratch.
My Nebulla Blue has endured tons of rides and rocks hitting it and the only scratch it has is a small nick from my mtb shoe when I went to get on my bike. That really sucked; I'd rather have a rock scratch it than me being stupid and not raising my leg high enough over the frame.
Ellsworth carries on the anodized aluminum bomb-proof finish that was likely started by American Bicycle Manufacturing out of St. Cloud, Minnesota, way back when. I've built up dozens of Ellsworths over the past ten years and most are ridden hard and minimally cared for, and all, save for the inevitable cable housing wear spot or scratches from ass-holes-over-elbows crashes, look "as new" when cleaned up. Anodization ranks right up there with powder coating, but at a lighter weight, as the most durable finish for aluminum frames (Other than a polished or simple brushed finish), and Ellsworth does an excellent job in this area.
That texture may have come from it being shot peened?
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