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I recently resealed my Fox X80 and put in Enduro Seals. The seals are fantastic, had very well written directions, and were easy to install.
The job went well with out any issues (at least directly related to the seals).
However, since the reseal, I'm having problems blowing through all of my travel. Small and med hits have the fork using 80% of it's travel and rough stuff all of it with an occasional bottom out. Plus it packs up under repeated heavy hits.

What I've tried so far is:

Adding more air: I'm ~145lbs and usually run 70psi. I bumped it up to 82. The ride was horrible with the fork still blowing through it's travel but now rebounding wildly. I tried cranking up the rebound damping, but the rebounding was too wild for it to make much of a difference.

Setting the Terralogic valve less sensitive: No change, as soon as it opens, I get the same reaction.

Adding more Float Fluid to the air chamber. I'm now using a ~12cc of oil instead of the recommended 5cc. This has helped quite a bit. I'm still blowing through the first 2" of travel but the forx slows and firms during that last 1" as more oil is pushed into the what's left of the air chamber.

As is, it's very ridable, but it's just not as linear as when I first got it.
Anyone have any ideas?

I must add that Chris from Enduro Seals has been helping me on this issue. He has been fantastic and has really taken an interest in the problem. Emails are answered in a VERY prompt manner and he was very helpful on the phone. Honestly, since the seals went in with out any issue and the fork holds oil (it was really leaking with the stock seals) I expected to get an answer that went as such, "Your seals are holding oil, right? Then you'll have to contact Fox to find out what's wrong, our product seems to be fine.)

Any further help would be greatly appreciated.
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