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I actually purchased 2 of these Chinese Scott Spark clones. The first one I purchased 2 years ago and had no problems with it so I decided to get another one for my wife. Thats when all the headaches came. I purchased the roller kit which includes the frame, Dt swiss fork and shock and Dt swiss wheelset. I wanted a different color than the blue and called them to see if it was ok to swap and they said no problem. So I placed my order and they said that they didnt have the DT Swiss wheelset in stock and instead had some cheap wheelmasters. I said ok thats fine since I would be getting different wheels anyway. So when I got the bike I first noticed that the rear wheel would not fit in the frame because it was set up for qr skewers and the wheel is a 12x142 thru axle. I also found that the rear shock was missing the mounting spacers. So I called Stradalli and told them about the missing parts and they said okay we'll ship them out to you. So after waiting weeks and weeks still no parts to make my bike work. I ended up going on aliexpress to get the correct hangers for the frame to work with thru axle. Got the parts from China and Im still waiting for parts from Stradalli... All I can say is their Customer service sucks! I only purchased from them because it was a good deal for a carbon frame with the DT swiss front fork and rear shock.
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