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Storm SL rotors and sintered pads

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Is there any reason I "shouldn't" run sintered pads with the Storm SL rotors? I know some shimano rotors specifically state resin pads only. Any problem with these rotors? They're being used with SLX brakes.

Or should I just go with the semi-metallic compound?

Most likely being purchased from here.
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I believe that Magura's pads for the Storm rotor are sintered and a tech from Magura said to use only their pads on their rotors.

Magura's pads are awesome, use them! Never seen performance pads that lasted as long as Magura's performance pads do.
Their Endurance pads are even better and LONGER LASTING.
Magura only offers Performance and Endurance pads. Both are resin, not sintered. Only difference is that the Endurance pad seem to contain more 'brass' particles.

Quote from the official Magura forums :

If you use sinterized pads the system does not have any longer the "heat plug" protection offered by the organic pads that we use exclusively and that play a VITAL role for the whole system. Seals are attacked then because of the overheated oil and a leak will be the logical consequence on a medium term.
That's cool, but I was talking about using the rotors with SLX brakes and sintered pads. Unless you're somehow telling me to use magura pads in my shimano brakes, but that doesn't sound like it will work.
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