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Storing heavy rig in workstand

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Hey. I am just wondering if it is a bad idea for me to be storing my Devinci 8-flat-8, or any bike for that matter, in a workstand while not riding. I like to keep it off the damp floor and out of the way, but am thinking that maybe the weight will damage the seatpost/seat tube. Also maybe that the angle at which it hangs will cause problems with my hydraulic brakes. I have been hanging it since I got it three months ago and am just starting to think twice about it. Any thought would be sweet. Thanks.
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Not at all. I keep my Demo 9 in a stand most of the time when I'm not riding it.
Hey... how you like the Devinci 8-flat-8...?
Do you have any action pic..?
Are you in the US...?
If so, how you get it in...?
No more questions .
Sweet, thanks for the reassurance on hanging the bike. Um, so far I love the 8-flat-8. I have not had as much saddle time as I would like but it has a real solid feel and flattens out the rough stuff quite nicely. I am up in Canada that is how I got ahold of one...I hear its rough trying to get one south of the border. I was barely able to get it and I am not too far from where they are built. Oh ya, I am working on those actions shots.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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