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I'm hoping not to be another one of those people to ask a lot of the same questions again. I have done a fair amount of research but couldn't find everything I wanted to know.

I'm leaving in a week to drive my camper rig loaded with bikes to Alaska and wanted to stop off in Whistler on my birthday (8/5) to ride what I hear is MTB Mecca. I'm bringing a 1 year old and very well used Ibis Mojo SL and wanted to know if it is the right kind of bike for the park. I ride a lot of XC trails and some DH in the Sierras and Bay Area and wanted to try riding some progressive trails to learn to jump better as well as hit some unique features that we don't have here. I would say I'm an advanced intermediate XC rider that loves technical riding as well as the wide open stuff (Downieville). I have a ton of gear that I use for dirtbiking that I may bring along but want to know what is appropriate. I was thinking my mesh armored jacket and maybe Leatt brace? Otherwise I have the usual knee/shin, elbow and fullface.

I also wanted to hear more about the guide situation. I'm thinking about whistlerbikeguide as a possible halfday. What I really want is a private guide that can evaluate my skills and show me the best trails for my level and teach me how to improve. i also really want to try a bigger bike than my Mojo to see what it's like. Any thoughts on guides and bikes?

Lastly, I'm driving all the way to Alaska and back and don't have much cash to spend on places to stay. I have a full sized truck with a camper on back and would like to find a place near the action where I can camp for free or cheap. Is there a parking lot tucked away that would be chill for a low profile camp? I need to keep my trip moving and can't spend a lot of time and money but think Whistler is worth the distraction. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for camping and riding for the drive up to AK from Whistler?

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as for camping in Whistler, hit up Lot 4 for free or head to the Riverside Campground for more RV sites

Whistler Bike Guides are more valley trail based and work out of Riverside, they are great and will definitly help you improve, the valley trails are all excellent some of the best built trails in the world

rent a DH bike and head up to the Bike Park, you will have a ton of fun and it is well worth the cost and the Bike Park guides are all top notch as well, you will learn a lot about DH technique and how to handle jumps and drops with ease

Enjoy your time hear and have fun in Alaska
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