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stop bumper for boxxer fork

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Hey does anyone know where i could get a spare stop bumper for my 2005 boxxer at. Didnt know if anyone had a website where they sell them or if i would have to go through sram to get it. I looked online and couldnt find any places that would sell them.
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Assuming you're talking about stanchion bumpers, look here.
Change the option to the 30-32mm and you should be set.

damn tried to order it from there but they said there out of stock and not getting any more in. Anyone know of another place where i can find one?
Cut some old grips and either try to stretch them over the tubes, or cut and zip tie them on. OURY work the best.
and if you are out of old grips (or, like me, all your old grips are lock-ons) use an old tire.
thanks for the help ill try to rig something up real quick.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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