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Stonewall Falls is a cool trail - 11 challenging miles. Not too technical, but challenging because of the distance and inclines. The scenery on the trail is great, and then you get to sit at the falls after finishing the trail. If you want a bit more, park at the power lines and ride White Twister to and from the trail.

Another plus is its clean. People "pack it in / pack it" out, so you don't see a bunch of trash on the trail and at the parking area like you see some other places. Chicopee is nice, but the parking area seems to be getting trashy lately, and some want-to-be comedian has put graffiti on some signs. Today I saw where someone left an old can not more than ten feet away from a trash can. If you are too damn lazy to walk ten feet to throw away a can, you don't need to be riding trails.

Enjoy the trails, but keep 'em clean.
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