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Stolen from my garage in UNM north campus area. Sliver (specialized calls this color dream - clear coated polished Al) M4 2004 specialized stumpy hardtail size 18 with fox forx all stock except barends. black LX crank and shifter pods, XT deraileur. ser#m3kl37591 stock photo

Bike was stolen weekend of Dec 10th... I am glad we had our road bikes with us in Las Cruces...

Not a super high dollar bike but damn.. It just pisses me off someone busted into my house/garage and made off with that bike.... Funny they didn't even take the most $$ one... just the most shiny one.. I suppose I am going to have to loop a 40 ft section of high tensile aircraft cable through all my bikes and the rafters to at least slow them down a bit....maybe next time I'll put out some power tools or a laptop to defer them from the bike rack.

Seriously - any help in recovering this bike would me killer. Post here or PM me.


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